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Regina Puckett

American Author of Children’s, Romance and Horror Novels, Poetry & Short Stories

Regina Puckett Author of a number of books and other written works mainly in the Children's Romance and horror genre
Regina Puckett Author of a number of books and other written works mainly in the Children’s Romance and Horror genre

Type of writing: Novels, Poetry, Short Stories
Genre: Children, Short Story, Romance, Horror, Poetry
Best Work so far: Love is a Promise Kept
Note by Author’s Promoter: The word Regina means Queen in the Maltese language.

About The Author Regina Puckett

Regina Puckett was born, raised and still resides to this day in Tennessee with her childhood sweetheart and husband. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren. She is the author of sweet romance novels, short tales of horror, inspirational short stories and children’s picture books.

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A List of Regina Puckett’s Books and other written works

Love is a Promise Kept
Will Work for Food
Caterpillar wants to be a Cow
Borrowed Wings
Hearts on Fire
If Love was Enough
Crying through Plastic Eyes
Paying the Hitchhiker
Balloon Wishes
Regina Puckett’s Short Tales of Horror
Sleeping through the Beauty
The Beauty in the Beast
The Magic of Snow
Tilting at Windmills
An Opened Heart

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