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Talon Xavier Thomas

American Author of Novels, Poetry, Magazine Articles, Short Stories and Other prose

Talon Xavier Thomas author of That Which Way
Talon Xavier Thomas author of That Which Way
Nationality: American
Type of writing: Novels, Poetry, Magazines, Short Stories, Other Prose
Genre: Short Story, Nonfiction, Spiritual, Poetry
Best Work so far: “That Which Way” the book
About You: Talon Xavier Thomas was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the third of three children. Talon has worked as a writer for The Opinion Magazine and local newspapers. He has published health and fitness articles and has done voiceovers for radio and has appeared on television with health and fitness education. The author has also worked rigorously in the fields of theology and religious history exploration.

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About Talon Xavier Thomas’s Book That Which Way

414 page novel: “That Which Way” Talon Xavier Thomas’ New Book Shows a Distinct Concept of Heaven and Earth
“That Which Way” is a larger-than-life story of one mans forced destiny to prevent a war perilous to the fate of humanity!
LYNDHURST, Ohio – (Release Date TBD) – The sacred scriptures are not the only source of the genesis of time and space. In a new book titled That Which Way written by author Talon Xavier Thomas, he attempts to fill the bottomless questions and mysteries in life through his novel based on actual events.
In this epic tale of gods, mortals and supernatural beings, Mediators, (the bonding formed by the union of humans and plebe angles), are responsible to keep equipoise between all who follow King Yahweh and those who believe in his once-unknown counterpart She King YahWAH. The latter thought to have lain quiescent for many millennia. Prince Ni-BenJahmin, the second-born son of God and wrongly thought of as Satan, discovers that in the beginning, She King YahWAH and King Yahweh at one time formed an ultimate union called Equinanapei.
The discovery of this secret, kept for millions of years, instigates a civil war in heaven. A war was fought on morally sound ground and many in heaven suffered and died for a cause that divided the loyalties of the first 12 Covering Cherub sons of King Yahweh and She King YahWAH. All who questioned the King or sided with Prince Ni-BenJahmin were subject to harsh heavenly judgments and exiled. The war did not end with a victor and a second war is now on the horizon. It will be fought with or without mankind’s approval.
In 1963, a boy named Trenton Alexander Leona was chosen. He discovers that life after death is more than just plausible and that perfection lost can once again be attainable. He chooses sides in a battle though he was taught to be neutral since birth. He incites a crusade to stop a war that could end life as we know it. Trenton, with help from spirit warriors and the only female angels called the femora fights a new war to reestablish Equinanapei.
What God has hidden has allowed for the most lamentable war in history between God, His spirit sons, their brothers, dimensional beings, Femora and mankind all while trying to bring Gods counterpart back to life to stabilize universal chaos. In That Which Way, war has become responsible for a creation not of God’s design but of His foes’ desperation

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