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Turkey bares it’s teeth – Ukraine follows suit.

Turkey shoots down Russian Fighter Jet

Was Turkey right in shooting down the Russian fighter jet? There is probably no correct answer but what is certain is that Turkey chose to take an aggressive stance towards Russia. There are a multitude of reasons why Turkey might have felt justified in doing so but predominantly I think the following sums it up. The enemy of my friend is no friend of mine and the friend of my enemy is not my friend. Turkey opposes the Assad regime and supports the rebels in Syria. Russia supports the Assad regime and has been targeting the Syrian rebels. It gets a little more complex though because Russia and Turkey have deep economic ties, a healthy touristic relationship and quite frankly Turkey depends on Russia for a large portion of its gas supplies.

Ukraine follows suit: bans Russian planes from its airspace

You remember Crimea and Donetsk? Guess what Ukraine and Russia did not quite kiss and make up just yet. Ukraine announced that it will no longer be allowing Russian planes of any kind to fly over their airspace. Here is an article about Ukraine Banning Russian planes from using their airspace . Wait a minute, doesn’t Ukraine depend on Russia for gas supplies? Erm, not quite; it seems Ukraine found cheaper gas from Europe and is halting purchases of gas from Russia. Seems Ukraine is slipping out from under Putin’s thumb; I doubt he is going to let go so easy.

NATO hot Potatoe or Potato

No one wants to be the start of World War 3; I think. Russia has made it clear that it has no intent of going to war over one dead pilot and one dead marine but it is safe to say some retribution is on its way. Turkey is probably no match for Russia militarily anyway but NATO, well that’s a whole other story. Turkey is a member of NATO and an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all NATO countries. Wait! Did Turkey just shoot down a plane and then hide behind NATO? Not saying that was the intention but from the outside looking in; that’s kind of what it looks like. The US is part of NATO and so is France along with a whole host of other countries with their fair share of firepower.

What about ISIS? Massive threat, scapegoat or both?

It is clear that ISIS, ISIL, DAESH or whatever new acronym the media call them by is a massive terrorist organisation and an international problem. However it is also clear that ISIS is not the only target or agenda in Syria and Iraq. From a terrorism stand point ISIS is one massive cancer that is spreading rapidly and doing some serious damage however it is also serving as a scapegoat. ISIS is in Syria and for some reason nearly every country seems to want to bomb someone in Syria for one agenda or another. It helps when international enemy numero uno is in the same area; Russia and the US both agree that someone in Syria needs a pounding. Russia and the US also both agree that ISIS needs a pounding in Syria; what they completely disagree on is who else needs a pounding in Syria. Oops thought that Turkman was ISIS; my bad!

Next door, Iran and the Nuclear deal

Just because it matters; while this is going on Iran still has not actually signed any deal with the US with regards to Nuclear power and should be signing something in January.

CJ Deguara Out – Rant over

If you have read this far; thank you. Please appreciate this is a rant made up mostly of opinion and my own observations. I am relatively concerned that world war 3 is somewhat already here; things are heating up – hopefully cooler and calmer heads prevail. Interesting article on CNN by Frida Ghitis: How is this not World War 3?

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