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Ahern Jerry

American Writer, Action Novel Author, Science Fiction Writer

Photo of Jerry Ahern Author of Over 100 Novels
Jerry Ahern, Author of over 100 novels, best known for The Survivalist series and a number of Action Hero style novels.
Jerry Ahern was Born in 1946 and Died 24 July 2012 (age 66).
Ctrl+Alt+Pub describes Jerry Ahern as the king of adventure. he is best known and loved for the fact that his heroes all chose to dedicate themselves to their causes for the greater good as opposed to for vengeance. In his own words “Characters get a life of their own and you sort of allow them to do what they’re doing,” he said, adding, “and then you have to be true to that character so they aren’t doing something that character wouldn’t do.” as interviewed by Brian Drake.

Novels by Jerry Ahern

Survivalist series
Total War (1981)
The Nightmare Begins (1981)
The Quest (1981)
The Doomsayer (1981)
The Web (1983)
The Savage Horde (1983)
The Prophet (1984)
The End Is Coming (1984)
Earth Fire (1984)
The Awakening (1984)
The Reprisal (1985)
The Rebellion (1985)
Pursuit (1986)
The Terror (1986)
Overlord (1987)
The Arsenal (1987)
The Ordeal (1988)
The Struggle (1989)
Final Rain (1989)
Firestorm (1989)
To End All War (1990)
Brutal Conquest (1991)
Call To Battle (1992)
Blood Assassins (1992)
War Mountain (1993)
Countdown (1993)
Death Watch (1993)
Mid-Wake (1988)
The Legend (1990)

Takers series
The Takers (1984)
River of Gold (1985)
Summon the Demon (2001)

Defender series
The Battle Begins (1988)
The Killing Wedge (1988)
Out of Control (1988)
Decision Time (1988)
Entrapment (1989)
Escape (1989)
Vengeance (1989)
Justice Denied (1989)
Deathgrip (1989)
The Good Fight (1990)
The Challenge (1990)
No Survivors (1990)

Surgical Strike Series
Surgical Strike (1988)
Assault on the Empress (1988)
Infiltrator (1990)

Other Novels by Jerry Ahern

The Confederate (1983)
The Freeman (1986) (with Sharon Ahern)
Miamigrad (1987) (with Sharon Ahern)
Yakusa Tattoo (1988) (with Sharon Ahern)
Brandywine (1989)
WerewolveSS (1990) (with Sharon Ahern)
The Kamikaze Legacy (1990) (with Sharon Ahern)
The Golden Shield of the IBF (1999) (with Sharon Ahern)
The Illegal Man (2003) (with Sharon Ahern)
Written in Time (2010) (with Sharon Ahern)

Track Series Novels by Jerry Ahern

The Ninety-Nine (1984)
Atrocity (1984)
The Hard Way (1984)
Armageddon Conspiracy (1984)
Origin of a Vendetta (1985)
Certain Blood (1985)
Master of D.E.A.T.H. (1985)
Revenge of the Master (1985)
The D.E.A.T.H. Hunters (1985)
Cocaine Run (1985)

Non Fiction Novels by Jerry Ahern

CCW: Carrying Concealed Weapons: How to Carry Concealed Weapons and Know When Others Are (1996)
Survive!: The Disaster, Crisis and Emergency Handbook (2010)

Short Stories by Jerry Ahern

Roll Call (1993)
…For I Have Sinned (1995)

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