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Arjun Basu

Canadian author best known for his 140 Character Short Stories

Arjun Basu 140 Character Short Stories on Twitter and Novelist
Arjun Basu 140 Character Short Stories on Twitter and Novelist

Note from Author’s Promoter about this author

This author is absolutely shockingly awesome, however do not expect much information about him here or anywhere else for that matter, he is a master of the short, sweet and entertaining, to truly appreciate the magic he plays with words you need to follow him on twitter! How anyone can be able to put so much in 140 characters, including punctuation marks. Most of us normally cheat on using these to fit a few extra letters. As well as using full words not our web short hand. Follow his magic on twitter below, I hope it gives you as much entertainment as it does myself.

Nationality: Canadian

Type of writing: Novels, Short Stories

Genre: Literary Fiction, Short Story

Arjun Basu on Facebook

More Info: www.arjunbasu.com

Squishy, short stories, published by DC Books, 2008

Twisters, 140 character stories on Twitter @arjunbasu
Waiting for the Man, novel, to be published by ECW, 2014

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  1. Damn right he’s amazing! His twisters are my favorite short stories!

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