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Ashley Hotter

American book author of Children’s Novels and Short Stories

Photo of Author of Novels and short stories such as A Filly for Laura by Ashley Hotter
Author of Novels and short stories such as A Filly for Laura by Ashley Hotter

About The Author : Ashley Hotter

Ashley Hotter lives in Montana on a farm with her husband, Ricky, and two daughters, Jacey and Rosalie. On her farm she raises cattle, hogs, and goats. She has one cat, a Maine coon named Whisper, and four dogs: Bobo, a lab mix, Snuff a border collie, Prince, a long hair dachshund, and Khloe, a Jack Russell terrier. She also has three miniature horses, Scout, Candy, and Buttercup. Ashley is a member of the National Writers Association and the International Association of Aspiring Writers.
Genre: Children – Writing for
Type of Writing: Novels, Short Stories
List of Works to date: A Filly for Laura
Published by : Tate Gallery Publishing
Best Work so far: A Filly for Laura

About Ashley Hotter’s book A Filly for Laura

When Laura and her brother came to live with their foster parents on a farm in Montana, Laura never thought she would be happy. Then she met Mae, the beautiful, chocolate-brown, pregnant mustang. As Laura learns to take care of Mae and helps to prepare for the new filly, she also learns that happiness is something she can feel again.

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