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Becky Barton

American Author of Novels and Short Stories

Photo of Becky barton Author of the story Wicked Self-righteousness
Becky barton Author of the story Wicked Self-righteousness

Type of writing: Novels, Short Stories
Genre: Literary Fiction, Short Story, Romance, Articles, Freelance, Thriller, Horror
Best Work so far: Wicked Self-righteousness

About Becky Barton:

I am a writer of almost all styles. The only things I have not touched, and probably never will, are science ficiton and fantasy. I absolutely love a challenge; if it can’t be written, watch me try!

About Becky Barton’s Work

Wicked Self-righteousness- Fictional short story about a man’s eyewitness account of the return of the witchburning era (from a witch’s point of view!)
Amateur Vacation- Fictional novel about a young new writer who, after a fight with her unfaithful husband receives an invitation to spend the summer with her favorite famous author. This story has it all; laughter, tears, anger, and perhaps even new love.
Dancing with the Devil- A young woman’s experience dating a man who turned out to be pure evil.
Untitled- A fictional short story about a woman who has lost everything; her nice home, her career, her husband and ever her son. She ends up in a rathole apartment working as a waitress during the day, and a “working girl” at night just to make ends meet. She makes the decision to end her life, but the question is: Will she regret that decision?

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