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Marisa Mcclinton

African American author of Advice Self Help, Religious and Theological, Spiritual, Religious Works

African American Author Marisa Mcclinton's first book The Suicidal Christian
African American Author Marisa Mcclinton’s first book The Suicidal Christian Visit amazon to take a peek inside.
Nationality: African American

About The Author Marisa Mcclinton

As a native of Highland, New York, Marisa McClinton is well on her way to becoming one of the country’s top authors. This phenomenal mother of two has defied all odds by pursuing her dream of becoming a published author. Ms. McClinton has had her pen and paper handy since the age of twelve, and with her faith in Christ, she has authored her first book entitled “The Suicidal Christian”. This book shares the battle within the mind that many of us go through, but Ms. McClinton shares her personal battle with depression and suicide all while answering the call to salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Genre: Advice Self-Help, Religious and Theological, Spiritual

Type of Writing: Journalism, Short Stories, Other

Genre/Type If you selected other please specify. : Religious

List of Works to date: The Suicidal Christain: the battle is the mind

Self-Published with: CreateSpace

Literary Agency or Agent Name: Ellis & Ellis consulting group LLC

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About The book by Marisa McClinton The Suicidal Christian

The Battle is the Mind: The Suicidal Christian is an intimate account of the personal battle between the mental and the spiritual. The spirit of depression has no favor amongst men and it is often looked upon as a flaw within the human existence. As a Christian, there is an expectancy to walk, speak, work, and live our everyday lives in overwhelming joy; but the Lord explained that he didn’t promise the road to be easy; he promised it to be worth it. The suicidal Christian was written under the thumb of depression, in the presence of the Holy Ghost, and in the protection of the Lord of hosts. This outpouring of emotional influx goes deep into descriptive explanation of how a saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost Christian may be influenced by the spirit of depression while at the same time being covered by the blood of Jesus. Depression is a battle that we all walk the fine lines of, but I hope with my story, it won’t be left a scar that we are ashamed to reveal

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