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Rohan Draper

Australian Author of Adventure, Hero, Science Fiction & Thriller Novels and Short Stories

Rohan Draper Author of Sunny and Mayo
Rohan Draper Author of Sunny and Mayo as well as other works.

About the Australian Author Rohan Draper

I am 26 years old, I am a facilities assistant that works full time and when I’m not at work I am looking after my beautiful 5 year old daughter. I fit in writing when I can, and am working on a large trilogy of novels set in a different galaxy and will take the readers to a place they have never been before 🙂

About the Author’s Work

Sunny and Mayo – First novel I have released: Two Children and Unlikely Ally Save the Environment in New Book
“Sunny and Mayo” follows the adventures of three friends who help save their community from pollution

VICTORIA, Australia – Author Rohan Draper, in his recently published book Sunny and Mayo, tells a wonderfully crafted story about two children and an unlikely ally who help save their community from the destructive effects of oil pol…lution. Targeted to young readers, their parents and their teachers, this fun and educational book also imparts important life lessons such as friendship, helpfulness and obedience.

Within its pages, readers will meet nine-year-old Sunny who lives with his parents in a small New South Wales town, Collie. The town is mostly farmland, with less trees but a lot of fresh air. During the course of the story, Sunny makes friends with Jamie, a charming ten-year-old girl who just moved in next door and Mayo, a talking cloud with a strange obsession of telling jokes.

Meanwhile, Sunny’s other neighbors, the Browner brothers, are nothing but bad news. Their company, Oilstead, is polluting the community’s dam and killing wildlife. The rubbish they dump into the dam and the explosives they detonate are close to destroying the community’s natural reserves. Together with Jamie and Mayo, Sunny plans to put an end to the brothers’ evil ways before it’s too late.

Richly embedded with environmental issues, Sunny and Mayo shows how, even as young as they are, children can act upon saving the environment and find an end to the detrimental effects of pollution.

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