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Virginia Gamsky Hust

American author of Novels and Short Stories such as the book Eternal

Nationality: American
Type of writing: Novels, Short Stories
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Short Story, Romance
Best Work so far: Eternal

About The Author Virginia Gamsky Hust

Virginia Gamsky Hust is a full time student and wife, living in the sunny state of Florida. Her work is an eclectic mix of her favorite genre’s. She works implicitly with Sarah Maddox her best friend and editor. Virginia is a dog lover and shares her life with not only her husband but also a miniature poodle named Apollo.
Where can you find this author?: http://sonsofheavenseries.webs.com/, https://www.facebook.com/ginger.gamsky

About the Books Eternal and Genesis by the Author Virginia Gamsky Hust

Eternal- A young adult novel, Eternal is the first in a series. Gabriel is a normal, if rather jaded private detective living in Seattle Washington, until a beautiful woman shows up at his practice, claiming to be a vampire and asking for his help. Suddenly his life is turned on its head as he is introduced to the underground society of Fallen Angels bent on finding their savior.
Genesis- A short story. In the year 2099 war ravages Earth and her Colonies. Adeline Davidson is an Genesis K29 pilot. She works with an elite team fighting the Coalition in the K29 she calls Athena. In the midst of battle she realizes she loves her fellow pilot. Roland is the perfect example of a warrior, strong, brave and unyielding. Adeline worries he will find her feelings trite in the face of war, but she can’t stop herself from loving the strangely silent man.

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