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Stuff I like

You might love it, or hate it.

Like most of you out there; I love me some stuff. I love this stuff and that stuff. I have some stuff and I want some stuff. Some stuff I like I don’t even want. I’m going to tell you about a whole lot of stuff that I like and I look forward to hearing about stuff you like in the comments section of my posts.

To get the ball rolling; I’m going to go ahead and mention some stuff that I like right now!

I like Tech stuff!

I’m into all sorts of tech stuff ranging from the mainstream tech stuff to the far out futuristic stuff. I also like the utterly useless current and past tech stuff. Remember the Nokia Communicator from 1996?

Nokia Communicator

I like it! I also like the Surface Pro 3 which I own and the sexy Surface Pro 4 which I covet; yes if you have it I’m probably a little bit jealous and I want it!

I like Antique Weapons and Armour

It helps that my best friend is an Antique Weapons and Armour dealer but if truth be told I think the game Diablo has a lot to do with my love of antique weapons and armor. I had this beautiful 1600s Hunting Falchion in my hands just a few days ago. I want it so bad!
Hunting Falchion  1600s
One of these days my budget is going to permit owning a wall of this stuff!

I like all sorts of apparel

Most people that know me, would not commend me on my fashion choices. Nor would they say I’m the type to fawn over apparel but… There is some stuff I really like. I absolutely want one of these wood brim fedoras.

Wood Brimmed Fedora
Yeah I’d probably never wear it but I want one anyway!

I like guns

Yes, I am American and I believe in the right to keep and bear arms! No, it is not politically driven and I am not a rootin-tootin-gun-wielding-outlaw. I just happen to like guns and therefore I like the right to own them.
Desert Eagle
I happen to like the Desert Eagle, not quite sure why. I like guns, I never said I’m a gun expert!

I like handcrafted, detailed stuff

The work some people put in to handcrafting beautiful stuff is just phenomenal! I appreciate and respect a good crafts-person (trying to be PC). I also happen to love dragons!
Epic Dragon Backpack
Click the image above to visit Nerdist and read more about this awesome back-pack!

I like a lot of other stuff, like Quad Bikes

I do have every intention of sharing a whole lot of other stuff I like over the coming weeks, months and years but I hope this list gets us started!