Why is life so hard?

Sometimes you have to shut yourself up. Do you know that little voice in your head? The one telling you everything is going to be hard. Do you ever question it? What if it is wrong? What if this is going to be easy?

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Losing a loved one.

I still remember the results coming in. Stage 4 stomach cancer, also present in the liver and other organs. My grandfather was a kind man. We each processed the diagnosis differently. Hope, despair, acceptance, and anger were a few of the emotions we cycled through.

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dot com or dot us – What is the difference?

Choosing between a .com and a .us Tld domain Memorability and usage of .com vs .us The first thing one must consider when choosing between these two domains is the user. The most important aspect when building a website, creating content and of course buying a domain is your user’s …

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