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Hi there, first off thanks for popping by!
As most of you know by now, I recently decided to take the plunge into writing full time! I need your support and I want to give you something in return:

Awesome VIP status and perks!

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So what can my VIP’s expect?

  1. Access to VIP Only content ~ Including pre-release content and character profiles etc.
  2. Be part of a community and be heard. ~ You will have space to comment and tell me what you think as well as discuss with the other VIP’s
  3. Get some awesome free gifts! The first is an awesome background pack for iOS devices I-phone, I-pad etc. Other awesome stuff, T-Shirts, Pens, Mugs, Prints and much more!
  4. Be acknowledged – My (active) VIP’s will always be mentioned in the acknowledgements section of the book. I want people to know who the awesome people that helped me out are. I’m not in this alone, your feedback and support will make the books awesome!
  5. Be informed in advance about FREE days and other promotions were you can get copies of my books!
  6. Be invited to launches of the book and always be given VIP treatment
  7. Insider info ~ If you are considering being an author or simply interested in the steps I take throughout my career. I will keep you updated!
  8. Marketing Insight ~ Over the years I have gained quite a bit of knowledge in the marketing industry specifically online, I will tell you what I am doing, how I am doing it and how effective or ineffective it was. You can learn from my experience and more importantly from my mistakes.
  9. Be remembered. ~ With your support great things will happen, without it, nothing great will happen. For this reason no matter what happens, I will always know who the people that helped me get there were. I will keep a record of  how long someone has been a VIP so I know who the people that helped me get started were.
  10. Get some awesome gifts from sponsors and affiliates. Anything from flights to shopping sprees!
  11. Special pricing on everything from merchandise, Apparell, books and everything in between. 🙂
  12. Exclusive VIP only competitions! Some phenomenal prizes to be won!
  13. Awesome offers from other authors! Exclusive to my awesome VIP’s
  14. Status! Lets be part of something cool together!

Dear Drug Pusher & Satan’s Slave – T-Shirts still being refined 🙂


Narcissus and his lover free on Kindle 21st September 2013

An amusing short humorous, romantic and satirical story about a modern day Narcissus. The main characters; Narcissus, his wife Nisa, her old friend Shiri and his personal assistant Lisa all bring their own elements into the story. The story is set in modern day and covers some strong emotional elements that most readers can relate to in one way or another. Imagine if you will for a moment a man so madly deeply in love with himself that he is unable to satisfy his wife in any way. A wife that has not been pleasured successfully by her husband for nearly ten years and her attempts to change her husband into the man she wishes he was. **Spoiler** Nisa, Narcissus’s wife attempts to make her perfectly handsome husband ugly in an attempt to break his infatuation with himself.

If you would like a copy of Narcissus and his lover for Kindle please simply click this link to download now for FREE


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